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Best Clown Dizzy, Clown of Honor Puff, Ring Bearer Lil' Buddy, Attendants Squire Lawrie & Bloomers and Padre Brinn  


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Winnipeg Lance March 20, 2013

Hong Kong Clown Association

Dee Dee attended and represented the World Clown Association at the Hong Kong Clown Association Kick off August 18, 2013.  Performed and taught a workshop.

Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

Attended the World Clown Association Annual Convention

Installed as the President of the Association

Won First Place Face Painting

Performed at the Hills Shopping Centre February 28, 2013

Performed at the Merdeka Plaza March 1, 2013

Lance Local Paper Interview

Selkirk Journal

Puff & Dee Dee through LAFS (Life & Fire Safety) Canada on the front page for the Journal

Read all about it!

California Clown Campin'

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines

Dee Dee has also performed on the World's largest cruise ship, Allure of the Seas in the Caribbean!

Clown Fest India

Dee Dee Performed at the

Very First International

Clown Fest India

November 14-21, 2010

Times of India

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